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Tour of Cheshire

Chief Road Marshal Update

We are still seeking more Marshals - Can you help

Thank you to everyone who has offered me help as Road Marshals or Dale Cox help as Test Marshals.

I am pleased to report that, with a few weeks to go before the rally, we have enough marshals to man (and woman!!) 38 out of the total 54 check points.

Offers of help are still trickling in but if you have been contacted by Dale or me, and not yet responded, it would be very helpful if you could let us know whether you are available or not.

If you can spare a half or a full day we will be fully indebited for your services, whether running a Timing Point, assisting on a Special Test or Car Parking duties at the various refreshment stops. Your valuable time in assisting to run the 2022 Tour of Cheshire will no doubt be fully appreciated by all the competitors.

Thanks for all your help it is very much appreciated - I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please reply via the Direct Email link above.

Many thanks

Andy Cooper - Chief Marshal

Dale Cox - Chief Test Marshals Co-ordinator

23rd January 2022

Once again, we had acting as Marshals an elite band of ECF - VIPs from the Golden Days of Rallying.

ECF Member For 2021 we had ECF Member

Sue Bloxham - Carol & Robin Tyler-Morris - Mike Wood - Deryck Pickup
Mike Sones (Steward)

What is ECF

Since inception in 2004 an annual unique feature of the Tour of Cheshire is the involvement of Ecurie Cod Fillet members who assist with the organisation, marshalling and social aspects of the event. ECF is an invitation-only Club formed in the 50s by Roy Fidler and John Hopwood for leading British rallyists. Indeed the bulk of the membership was formed in the 1960 era through participating in the Motoring News Championship, which bred some formidable crews from competing in those epic 200-plus mile night rallies.

Initially it was primarily for British rallyists but famous names from other countries - Erik Carlsson, Timo Makinen, Rauno Aaltonen, Simo Lampinen and Hannu Mikkola (all winners of the RAC Rally) - soon became members! Today's membership is still an exclusive "under 300" and is a veritable "who's who" of the good old days of British rallying in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s. Messrs Fidler and Hopwood also started the first "closed-road" rally when they founded the Manx in 1963.

Reunions are held every few years, the most recent being in December 2021 at the Cranage Business Centre, Holmes Chapel. The Tour of Cheshire again look forward to welcoming a good number of these rallyists of old to the 2022 Tour of Cheshire.

Sadly as each year passes the ECF membership diminishes in numbers but the old traditional spirit of ‘Press on regardless’ lives on.

I became an ECF member in 1959 and I can certainly claim to be the oldest member to date.

Don Barrow - 22nd December 2021.

Don Barrow - Photo by Tony Large
Russell Brookes, Will Sparrow, Tony Mason, Neil Wilson, Tony Davies, Roy Fidler, Tony Fall & Alan Jolley.

Don Barrow - A few members of Ecurie Cod Fillet ECF officiating on the 2006 Tour of Cheshire Historic Rally
John Bloxham, Rob Lyall, Toney Cox, Roy Fidler, Stuart Turner, Alan Jolley, John Hopwood, Russell Brookes & Peter Bryant

John Parsons, Mike Harrison, Howard Warren - Porsche 911 - Cath Woodman, Duncan Wild, Peter Valentine & Alan Jolley

Other ECF members who have officiated on the Tour of Cheshire Rally since 2004.

Roy Fidler, John Hopwood, Alan Jolley, Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams, Bob Redhead, Carolyn Tyler-Morris, Cec Offley, Christopher Knowles-Fitton, Deryck Pickup, Don Barrow, Geoff Awde, Geoff Breakall, John Bloxham, John Brown, John Nixey, John Parsons, John Waddington, John Wadsworth, John Wood, Mike Broad, Mike Sones, Mike Wood, Neil Wilson, Nigel Raeburn, Norman Salt, Peter Bryant, Peter Valentine, Peter Ward, Ray Dale, Richard Harper, Rob Lyall, Rodney Spokes, Roy Mapple, Russell Brookes, Stuart Turner, Terry Harrison, Toney Cox, Tony Fall, Tony Mason, Will Sparrow & many more.

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