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IMPORTANT - Scrutineering
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At scrutineering the first thing you will need to do is get in the queue for the noise test. Ensure that your car is warmed up properly before taking the noise test, especially important if you’ve just driven it off your trailer. The noise tester will write down on your process card the ACTUAL DECIBEL READING. Check that he has done this because this is not what he usually has to do – it is specific to this event. Be polite if you have to remind him!

Then when you’ve passed that test you can move on to the next part of scrutineering

1. Have your documents ready before you get there – these will be V5, MOT, plus Historic Rally Vehicle Identity Form / Homologation Papers (where applicable), and anything else you may consider pertinent.

2. Before leaving home ensure the obvious things are working – lights (all), horn, wipers if it’s raining! Then recheck these in the queue for noise. Carry some spare bulbs – you do not want to be fixing these and miss your lovely hotel breakfast because you’ve had to go back on Saturday morning, do you.

3. You must have a spill kit because the event has tests that take place on private land. Buy one – they’re under a tenner. This will save you having a discussion with every scrutineer at every event you go to about what constitutes a spill kit and what doesn’t.

4. Do not turn up with in-car cameras – they are banned on road events. No, you can’t have them “just for the tests”. Don’t fit them after you’ve gone through scrutineering either – the scrutineering team will be about throughout the day of the event. Yes, the Clerk of the Course or the Scrutineer can stop and re examine a vehicle, even while it is competing.

Penalty - On the Spot EXCLUSION

5. As soon as your car has been scrutineered and you have your signature, remove your car so the next competitor can come in. If you want to chat to the person next door or whatever, that’s fine but move your car first.

These few simple tips will help ensure that your path through scrutineering runs smoothly, and should help keep any queues down to a minimum.

The scrutineers want to enjoy the event just as much as you do.

They are not there to make your life difficult: they are there to help ensure that we run a safe, legal and enjoyable event.

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Once again we have assembled a fantastic organising team, all of whom enjoy a challenge and are vastly experienced competitors who fully understand the needs for a successful day of Rallying. As always we have listened to the previous years feed back, some of which have been incorporated into the 2018 event.

The Tour of Cheshire are indebted to many local Motor Clubs and individuals who provide expert marshalling duties and it is the only event which is supported and marshalled by a list of VIP yesteryear rallying stars from Ecurie Cod Fillet. All of which creates a brilliant atmosphere unique to the Tour of Cheshire Rally.

Don Barrow.

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