Don Barrow - Tour of Cheshire Historic Road Rally 2018 HRCR Championship


Frequently asked Questions and Answers


  • Q - What is the date of the Tour of Cheshire
        A - Saturday 29th September 2018
  • Q - What's the Maximun number of Entries
        A - 85 + 10 Extra Reserve Entries
  • Q - What's the Entry Fee
        A - 135.00
  • Q - How to make an Online Entry
        A - Regs page - Use the Entry Forms Button
  • Q - Why do I have to give a Password
        A - It allows you to update your Entry info
  • Q - How can I update my Entry info
        A - Regs page - Use the Update Entry Button
  • Q - My Entry is showing as a Pending Entry
        A - All Entries are Pending until Paid for in full
  • Q - What type of MSA Competition Licence
        A - MSA - Minimum - NON-RACE National B
  • Q - Is it difficult to get an MSA licence
        A - Easy if applied for early enough Link
  • Q - Do both crew members need a MSA licence
        A - Yes, both crew members
  • Q - What type of Route Instruction will be used
        A - MR, Tulip and other well known instructions
  • Q - Who do I make my payment Cheque out to
        A - KDMC Ltd
  • Q - Can I pay by Paypal
        A - Yes, you sure can via the online Entry Form
  • Q - Is there a list of local accommodation
        A - Yes - See Rally HQ page
  • Q - What's the total road mileage
        A - Just under 150 miles inc Regularities
  • Q - What's the total mileage of the Regularities
        A - 90 +/- Miles
  • Q - How many Tests are there
        A - 10 +/- Are currently planned
  • Q - Which Maps are required
        A - L/ranger 1:50,000 - 117, 118 Latest versions
  • Q - Are refreshments included in the Entry cost
        A - Coffee, Light Lunch & Evening meal
  • Q - Which Championships is the ToC eligible
        A - HRCR, ANWCC, ANCC & KDMC

  • Non-Competitors

  • Q - How can I volunteer to be a Marshal
        A - Contact the Chief Marshal - Marshals Page
  • Q - Can I spectate on the Private Land Tests
        A - Sorry NO Spectators are allowed
  • Q - Where can I watch the cars along the route
        A - A guide will be issued on Friday 28th Sept
  • Q - I would like to watch the Tests
        A - Volunteer to Marshal and you can watch
  • Q - Where can I take photo's of the cars enroute
        A - See the Spectator page on Friday 28th Sept
  • Q - How hard is it to Marshal
        A - There are many roles to suit all abilities
  • Q - I don't think I am up to Marshalling
        A - Just volunteer and you will be mentored
  • Q - Can I just roll up to Marshal on the day
        A - No, contact the Chief Marshal beforehand
  • Q - Does the ToC support any Charity
        A - Yes we make a contribution to the NWAA
  • Q - Clicked the Facebook LIKE button ??
        A - Please give a Facebook LIKE (Below)
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